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  1. arzu
    April 3, 2012

    hi Martin Tairo .I’m a university student in Ankara , Turkey .I’m asking for help from you about my project. My teacher is a fan of Kenya.he gave us a subject of discussion which is about building a new hotel at market area next to the former safari hotel in mombasa old town .He divided us 8 group for discussing.These groups are local unemploy people ,hotel owner, owners of the market bench, mosque unıon, coral protector civil motion ,local residence and poor local residence, local traffic officers tourism officers .in this discussion we are the owners of the market bench.I want to know importance of market place for old town .our mission is thwarting to built this hotel.our teacher said that this was the important discussion for old town.but we did’nt find any information about this on the net.our information is not enough for win against to the hotel owner that why must not this hotel built at this market place? I want to know importance of market place and if this place is conservation area.if this place is conservation area we wil be strong about our are a architecture and you are Kenyan so I thought that you will know the best information about that. could you please help me ? thanks

    • Martin Tairo Maseghe
      April 24, 2012

      Arzu, Mombasa Old Town is a conservation area. Construction within the area is highly restricted to restorations. I highly doubt you will be aloowed to do any construction there.

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