Martin Tairo's Unsolicited View

Wacheni niseme

The Kenyan Normal way of Life

Kenyans have been accused, and rightly so, of being too forgetful. Any event will be hyped up, receive wide prime time coverage in all media houses, be headline news in all newspapers, trend in all social networks until the next event comes. We completely forget about the previous one. No wonder politicians would goof, with sheer arrogance, knowing too well that Kenyans will forget in one or two weeks.

There are many things which were wanting, but have come to accept them as normal and now live with them without any complaints.

Take our brand of useless politicians, i wouldn’t name any. We complain about them, make a lot of noise, but the noise subsides and we accept them. We live with them accept all they trash they feed us and we do elect some of them back to parliament.

Poor roads, until the recent past, was synonymous with ‘Brand Kenya’. We gave up and resorted to congratulating the authorities whenever they move in to shoddily repair a road in bad condition. We forget that the taxes we pay, on fuel, are for this specific purpose.

Poor services by utility companies, Kenya Power and Water Companies don’t bother us anymore. They are normal. And joining the list of our normal way of life in Kenya is the recent spate of bombings all over. if its not in a church, its in a bus station. More recently, it was in a shopping complex. this is in addition to those in North Eastern towns of Garissa and Wajir. The response by the police shows either they are incompetent or ignorant. We complained when they started but we are slowly accepting them as out next normal.

I am not sure what will be the next normal thing in Kenya.


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This entry was posted on May 30, 2012 by in Unpublished Articles.


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