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Mudavadi’s Tough Stance is Intriguing

The recent tough stance by DPM Mudavadi looks fishy to me. He has adopted a position against majority of his party colleagues and has rigidly held onto it. While the PM’s handlers would have, on a normal day, hit very hard at him, they seem to have taken a much softer stand, maybe in an attempt to maintain the party unity. However, the DPM is more adamant.

I feel like the DPM has already made up his mind to quit ODM and he is simply looking for a scape goat. This is what i thought before coining the comment below which was published in the Daily Nation of Saturday, 17th March 2012.

“While agreeing that Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has every right to seek his party’s nomination to vie for the presidency, Martin Tairo says he finds his recent uncharacteristically tough stance rather intriguing. “Why is he so sure that if the ODM nomination is held at the county level it will not be tampered with? And why should ODM change its constitution just to suit the whims of an individual? Mudavadi seems to have already made up his mind to quit ODM,” he adds.”


2 comments on “Mudavadi’s Tough Stance is Intriguing

  1. aftin
    March 17, 2012

    Musalia Mudavadi do not repeat blunder decisions like the one you made the 2002. stick with your party boss and have a try comes the 2017 elections…..ODM is the party to watch.please do not crumble it,we have big hopes in it

    concerned ODM die-hard

  2. Katumo
    March 17, 2012

    Mudavadi knows ODM has its owners, just like KANU in 2002. And he now wants out. Even were he to be the running mate of one Raila, the infamous tribal kitchen clique (exactly like Kibaki’s) around RAO would make him a paper-tiger, a good-for-nothing-bloke who “only” brought in votes but can’t be trusted in the art of eating and scheming for 2017, something the current VP whose name I don’t want to remember simply can’t realize.

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