Martin Tairo's Unsolicited View

Wacheni niseme

Why the Poor Performance in English

Maranda School students who performed well in their English and Kiswahili.......

This comment was published in the Daily Nation of Friday, 9th March 2012 and was simply my take on why our students have generally been poor performers in English.

The poor standard of English has something to do with the rush to embrace new technology, states Martin Tairo, singling out the influence of the informal language of text messages that is characterised by short forms of words and other improvisations. He adds: “When I was in high school, I would spend hours on end, scouring the dictionary for words to use in letters to impress my parents and my girlfriend. Nowadays, these missives have been reduced to 140 characters, hence the shortened words that are finding their way into examination papers.”

And there was this letter tabled in parliament, apparently from Britain. The strongest evidence that it was a forgery was the fact that it had multiple spelling and grammatical errors. My piece of advice to those fraudsters, they should consult Phillip Ochieng when they are writing their next fake letter.


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